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Plugin For Firefox For Google Maps To Seek Caches


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I did a lot of Geocaching with my mom recently in Colorado. She has hidden many of her own caches.


Thou Shalt Not Geocache Here!


I remembered the one time I tried to hide my own, I got the message that another cache was too close. I guess there are various ways to avoid this before going out to place a cache, but my preferred way of looking for places to go is to use http://maps.google.com because it's so easy to scroll around and zoom. I like it better than MapQuest too.


I made a simple plugin for the ConQuery FireFox Extension to let you use Maps.Google.Com to pinpoint a Longtitude and Latitude, then feed those to the Seek page on www.geocaching.com.


What it Does:


It places a Context Sensitive menu item called "Thou Shalt Not Geocache Here" in your browser when you right click on the link for the map in Google Maps. You just click the item, and it opens the Geocaching site in a new tab, showing you the nearby caches.


Here is the URL for the download and write up about it with a Screen Shot.



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That sounds interesting but how does one get version 1.4.6? I've clicked on that version but it's not giving it to me, only the latest version seems to be available.

If you go to http://conquery.mozdev.org it will be on the right hand side...


But I will add a direct link that .xpi file on my article.





-- But, you may want to try with newer versions...Maybe something is wrong with my browser or computer. I've reported the strange behavior to ConQuery's author on the support forums for it, but have not heard back yet.

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