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My garmin Foretrex 101 has 10,000 tracklog points. I have never had one that held ths many. So, yesterday I went on a hike that was 5.25 miles long. I changed my tracklog set-up to highest resolution, and set the record to every 5 seconds. After the hike, I downloaded the track-log into USA PhotoMaps and there were over 1200 tracklog points in a 5.25 mile hike!(That was a very accurate tracklog!) Now, that leaves about 9800 unsued! Holy crap that is a lot of recording available! That would be about 8 more 5 mile hikes before it fills up at these settings. :o

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On a driving trip, I noticed that after a while, the start of my trail began disappearing from the GPS screen as I added track to the end. My 60C has 10,000 track points as well. When I got home and put the track into MapSource, the entire track was there. It turns out that the 60C is set by default to only display 3,000 points, even though it records 10,000. The number displayed can be changed to show the entire track.


Incidentally, this was about a 500 mile round trip, and it didn't take all 10,000 points.

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