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As a result of generally favourable commments here I've taken it upon myself to make some corrections to spelling and capitalisation errors on several caches I've reviewed.


In each case I've e-mailed the owner (diplomatically I hope :laughing:) and I've yet to receive any criticism.


Fingers crossed ...........:ph34r:

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I've taken it upon myself to make some corrections

Jolly good. Perhaps this new service could be enhanced to include checkiing that the cache description actually makes sense, is understandable, and that it identifies the objective of the cache?


I've seen some really strange ones recently. And, no, I'm not referring to the excellent but as yet unsolvable (by me, at least) puzzle caches.


Neatly tying two recent threads together, perhaps that's why I can't understand some of these caches: they're actually mis-classified and should really be Mystery?


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