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Co-ordinates Are Wrong

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Keep in mind that the estimated error on your unit is not the only error you're dealing with; when the owner placed the cache they had an error rate similar to yours. The GPSr is not infallible. When your GPSr says you're at ground zero with a 6 meter error, you may actually be 12 or 15 meters away. Look for things that don't fit; an unnatural pile of sticks or rocks, bits of metal that containers may be magnetically attached to, around the bases of trees or stumps. Don't give up just because your first expedition came up empty. The cache is there; you're just not experienced in what you're looking for. Once you find one, the next one is easier.

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Hi -e^ip,


Welcome to caching, the worlds fastest growing addiction.


There are a number of reasons why you could be having problems. A very common problem is not having the datum on your GPS set to WGS84.


I would suggest that you go to the Geocaching Australia site and join the forum. Post your problem there and I am sure you will get help from some local cachers. And the Oz site has links to maps that do make the job a lot easier.


Hope this helps.

Mike. :rolleyes:

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