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Could The Sony Psp Be

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It has a USB slot and if someone made a add on recever like some PDAs have, we have a instant large screen with color GPS unit.

For a bonus it would have up to 2G worth of memory that you could save cache pages to (no more paper!) and lots of maps.

I was just sitting here with mine and thought this up and wondered what you folks thought about it.

Forgot to add that it uses a memory stick duo.

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When the PSP, MP3 players, PDA's etc. Merge into capable units, then I think there is potential for what you are getting at.


For now, it would be a kluge.

I believe that's the direction Sony is heading. I read an article the other day saying Sony believes the PSP would be eventually take on the ipod.

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I've dropped my GPS'r's into several feet of icy water, had them blasted by hot dust and freezing rain on my ATV, dropped them several feet onto concrete...try that with a "consumer" grade hand-held device and you'll end up with an expensive paperweight or a handful of bits. These things are designed to look cool to the kiddies, not to survive in the woods.

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