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Using Mac with etrex Legend

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the guys at my local mac store think it's possible. i ost the name they gave me though.


at work i have some non-mac machine that doesn't communicate well with my GPS either. so far i don't care.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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I have a Garmin Etrex Vista which I use with my Macs. Yes, I used a PC at work to load the Garmin maps into the Vista but I use the Macs to transfer waypoints from geocaching.com.


All you need is the Mac GPS software and a serial to USB adapter. It's no problem at all.

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There's a few options:


1. MacGPS Pro (unfortunately there is no free version like EasyGPS vs ExpertGPS

2. If you're using OSX, check out roberlipe's gpsbabel....





"The number you have reached is imaginary, please rotate your phone 90 degrees and try again... <beeeeep>"

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