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The Little Blue Pool


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The little blue pool


Once there were two little fishes

Swimming in a very large pond.

One was slow and much older

And had been around oh so long.


The other was sleek and quicker

And a newcomer don’t you see?

That newbie is Little Blue,

The other one just could be me.


Now her numbers just rose and rose

At a stellar rate it is true

While to stogy old EraSeek

It seemed as though he was through.


“Oh, that Little Blue is quite a fish!

But not all is what it seems!

The only way she’s catching me

Is in her little fishy dreams!”


Now jump on in the water’s fine.

Place your bets if you do-dah dare.

Pick a date you think she’ll pass on by

EraSeek (…as if he’d care!)


To enter the little blue pool just post the date you think she’ll pass EraSeek by here on this thread. Only one cacher per date, and one date per cacher. The closest to the date will win my one and only Washington State (2004) Geocoin, and the respect of the local caching community.


Here are the current statistics:


Little Blue start date October 2004. Current total 723 finds.

EraSeek start date Feb 2001. Current finds 866.

There is a difference of 143 at this time.


I will keep track of claimed dates, and Little Blue and I will keep you posted on the current number of finds and the difference.

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She won't pass EraSeek in my book until she can place one like "Path of the Watchers." In that regard you stand alone, above the Moun10s and the evergreens...


Ooh- I'll have to check that one out! All of Eraseek's caches that I've done have been both beautiful and fun. Even if I did slide down that lookout tower on my butt! Ouch! :laughing:


And wow, cool poem! I'm honored! I will always be in Eraseek's debt- he once cut short a group hike to accompany me down a mountain when I ran out of time and had to go pick up my girls. :huh: Oh, and don't let him kid you with that 'slow' stuff! On that hike up Teneriffe I only saw him when he stopped to sign the logbooks! :)


Now, let's see, when will I finally pass him... :)

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Your attitude only adds to the fun I (and everybody else) had trying to keep up with you going up Teneriffe.  Thanks for the  :rolleyes:  :unsure:

It was less than a year ago Eraseek broke his ankle right? You could have fooled me the way he dropped us going up Tenneriffe. Oh yeah, my guess is 05/09/05. Don't let me down LittleBlue. Peace, Nolenator

Edited by nolenator
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OK, I'll take a stab at this!!!!


As of today grandpa fish Eraseek has found 866 caches in 1495 days so he finds 0.579 caches per day. LIttle fish LittleBlue has found 731 caches in 170 days for a rate of 4.300 caches per day. That means that LB finds 3.721 more caches per day than ES and will eat up the 135 cache diference in 36.28 days or May 7th. Paul2tele has already taken this date.


Now wait, did Paul figure in the Wenatchee cache machine? If you factor in the fact that LB will probably find 50+ caches in one day and thus increase her cache per day rate, I am coming up with a second date of April 23rd. Oh no, PDXman has taken that date.


Now wait, again did PDXman factor in the post cache machine doldrums? It takes us a couple of days to log all those caches, so my analysis leads me to.........


....April 25th, 2005!!!!

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Fishy, fishy, fish!


So many guesses... but I'm closing my eyes to all of them so I don't artificially influence the time-space continuum, or whatever they used to call that on Star Trek. :D


But to enrich the pot a small bit I'm throwing in an unactivated 2005 geocoin and TB tag for the winning date.


Assuming I *do* pass Eraseek, that is...



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WOW! Ok, got all those. I got out today after work and got a cache, but looks like LB got about 4.

Current: ES=867 LB=731 Diff=136


I'll try and post taken dates soon as I get a chance. (I do work and have a life you know...well a half-life anyway)


(this is just wrong? No, it's just how not to get too serious about numbers)

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Have either of you been implicated in the Balco scandal, perhaps through your use of performance-enhancing substances? This is information that we need to make an informed guess. Either way, I'll split two existing guesses and say April 27.

Sorry Puppers has april 27 Try again please.


And yes, I have a 20oz mocha every day.

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How strange; I text-searched the thread for my date before I posted it. (Ahh, I see, Puppers posted 4/27 instead of April 27.) Oops.


So the question now before me is whether a 60CS is more of an advantage than 20oz of caffeinated goodness... hmmm.


OK, put me down for the 28th of April instead.

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I think I was wrong last night. LB got about 9.


Current: ES=867 LB=732 Diff=135


Taken Dates


8, 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24, 26, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30


1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 18, 19,


2, 10, 17,



Edited by EraSeek
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