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Explorist 100 Secret Menus


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I have been playing around with my Explorist 100 tonight.


Check this out, and do at your own risk. :laughing:


Power on + hold "out" button = Test Serial port


Power on + hold "in" button = Display test and keypad test


Power on + hold "ESC" button = Burn in, press enter to start, ESC to exit.


Power on + "Menu" = Warning clear all memory, yes/no


Power on + "Nav" = Some two digit display "00" you can change the two digits from "00"-"99". If you leave it on "00" and press the arrow key it shows you Eplorist Ver, Realese Date, mine says June 25, 2004


If you change the "00" to "01" and hit the arrow key you get a lot of numbers. Looks like some kind of testing screen.


Looks like everytime you change the "00" to another number and hit the arrow key you get some other window of information.


Not sure if all 99 number do something, but the first few (00,01,02,03) do and number 99 show a window that say's "Software Upload Mode Active"


Yes, this is all on the Explorist 100!

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