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Name That Geocaching Film!

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I think you might need to get the Genius Loci himself to sign off on that one. And as nice a guy as he seems to be, does he really deserve to be named above the credits in this film? 


Well, I hope he hasn't acquired the rights to one of my favorite Latin phrases in the English language. :(


I imagine he chose it for the same reason I think it's good for a film about geocaching: It means "spirit of a place." In olden times, folks would leave statues or cairns or something to mark a special spot... now we leave geocaches (though I'm not sure how so many strip malls came to be special spots :( )


Actually, "Genius Loci" was the first name I had in mind for our geocaching team, back in 2002, but it was already taken, of course. :unsure:


Oh, well. I've come to like "The Alethiometrists" even better. :rolleyes:

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Get off your couch and cache.


Get off you couch and see the world.


How to pinpoint a six square inch spot on the planet- and get a "prize" for it.


Be the pirate you always wanted to be.


How to spend a lot of time and effort on a short walk.

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1) Where have all the ammo cans gone?

2) I'm not a terrorist!

3) Geocaching: People hiking through the woods at midnight ot find cheap trinkets

4) What Else should we do with a GPSr?

5) Geocaching: Man, Machine, and Micro

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Since the Southern California Geocachers web forum went through a time warp this week, the contributions there may (or may not) have been lost. My only meaningful contribution was:


The Race for First to Find



PS-probably can't use the term Tupperware in the title due to copyright.

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GEOCACHING A high tech treasure hunt


GEOCACHING A high tech modern treasure hunt


GEOCACHING High tech modern treasure hunting


GEOCACHING High tech treasure hunting


GEOCACHING Diggin' in the woods to find a micro cache the size ofa thimble (grrrrrrr)


GEOCACHING Today's treasure hunting


I'll add more later....

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So far I like:

Hunting Wild Tupperware. An urban legend?

Geocaching - A 21st Century Treasure Hunt

Geocaching - Rediscovering the Outdoors

How to use billions of dollars of satellite equipment to locate dollar store items.

Geocaching: The Greatest Search of All

GeoCaching: The High Tech Nature Walk

Geocaching- We do it anywhere with tupperware


My personal 2 cents:

Tupperware, Technology, Trades

The Art of Geocaching



Geo Buddies Shop


Geo Buddies Homepage

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