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Name That Geocaching Film!

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Hello Geocachers,


NomadNora from the University of Southern California Geocaching Documentary crew here, asking for your help. Our 8-person crew has been shooting a 26-minute documentary on geocaching all semester. We've got great footage that we can't wait for everyone to see, but we still need a name for the film. And who better to name it than the people who know the most about geocaching?!


So, I'm hereby announcing a NAME-THAT-FILM contest. The winner gets a free DVD and/or VHS copy of our 26-minute film, a dedication cache named in his/her honor, a credit in the film and most importantly, our eternal gratitude.


We can have a title/subtitle combination, or just a title. But the word "geocaching" should be in there somewhere. Also, remember that this film will be seen by people who have never heard of geocaching before.


You can e-mail your suggestions to me at ndonaghy@usc.edu. Please send me your suggestions by Wednesday, April 6.


Thanks, everybody!

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To use the another popular explanation for this sport:


How to use billions of dollars of satellite equipment to locate dollar store items.


Or our most poular log entry:





But Officer, I was looking for an ammo can that other folks left for me to find!

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Geocaching: The Story of Modern Day 49ers.


Geocaching: Trojan Treasure Hunting


Geocaching: Seeking Treasure Among Chaparral and Urban Spawl


Geocaching: I Wish They All Could Be California Caches


Geocaching: Fun, Fun, Fun 'till Their Daddy Took the GPSr Away

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Fear and Geocaching in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Coordinates of the American Dream


Cache the wind


Geocaching: Man's Eternal Hunt for McToys


Three Nights in Nashville: The Revenge of the Urban Micro


Cache the Wave: Geocaching Engulfs America


America's Funniest Home Geocaching Videos



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A) Techno-Scavengers: The Story Of Geocaching


B) High Tech Scavengers: This is Geocaching


C) GeoCaching: High Tech Scavengers


D) GeoCaching: The adventures of the techno-scavengers.


E) GeoCaching: A High Tech Scavenger Hunt


F) Geocachers: High Tech Scavengers


G) Geocachers: the adventures of the techno-scavengers.


H) Go Find It


I) Geocaching: The Human Powered Search Engine

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I'm sticking with "Genius Loci."

I think you might need to get the Genius Loci himself to sign off on that one. And as nice a guy as he seems to be, does he really deserve to be named above the credits in this film? :rolleyes:

Even though I do not like the frog smileys and refuse to use them, I do like Fishingfools suggestion.


I would like to suggest: Geocaching: The Greatest Search of All

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