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Arc Of Meridian


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Noddy & myself logged 2 of these caches this weekend. :)


They really took us off the beaten track.


The caches themselves weren't well looked after. The logs in the micros were wet. the owner has not logged on for over 6 months and he has not replied to our emails.

But...be that as it may....


can anyone tell me where I can find the co-ords for these beacons.

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I've emailed you the list. That is of the arc of meridian 30º. If you want the list of all beacons in SA you can let me know... plenty MB!


Sadly it seems that Global-Viking is no longer playing with us.


There was some meridian project going on at some stage, think it was initiated by a caching group in Scandinavia, can't seem to find the URL at the moment though.

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