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Antiparos#1 Ferrytickets Who Maintains This One?

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Hello everyone !


Recently I visited the island of Antiparos here in Greece and tried to find the two caches on the island.I found Camping Antiparos but Antiparos#1 Ferrytickets seemed to me that was not there.I went to the place THREE different times of the day.I searched the whole stone wall but no sign of the cache.Ok, I thought I will give it a try next month when I return there for yet another weekend of relaxation.

The real problem starts when I tried to contact 1538Moss for some hints, the owner of the cache who also is maintainer of the Camping Antiparos cache ! ! ! ! ! !

And then at the page there is a note from the admin of the site:

Admin Note re. cache maintenance: " Antiparos is our favorite island, we visit at least once a year. My friend asgeirk (Geocache name) also visit the island least once a year. And we know a family on the island they can help me, if anything occurs."


Ok, the administrators have approved to a person who lives in central Europe to own a cache in the Greek islands and maintain the other one...

But when I want to place a cache at some Greek island, they make it VERY difficult and they want proofs that I will be going frequent there...(just ask dimitri what went through for the cache Pharos of Kea which is one hour travel with a ferry).

The port of Pireus is half an hour from my home and the ferries travel average three to five hours to get you to the central Aegean islands.Why is it difficult to allow me placing a cache there while you have allowed people from central Europe own and maintain at least two caches?

Personally, I can travel to ANY point of the Greek territory at least once a year, so maybe I could leave a cache anywhere in my country !

There is nothing personal against anyone here, I just want to know the way it was allowed to some people to have caches there.Maybe it was an old policy that now is not effective.

And above all it is a real pleasure for all of us to exist many caches so that we can have hours of adventure out there.


Again I have to state that there is nothing personal against anyone in here, so forgive me if it seems like that.

I would like to have your opinions my friends.


Kindest regards,


Athens, Greece.

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I think the key there is the statement that the person maintaining the cache knows a family on the island who will help maintain it. Visiting once a year is not good enough, but having a local help makes it OK.


Now whether that pans out into true maintenance or not is a different issue. I would hope that when a person places a cache far from their home and has a local to maintain it that they mean it and that it would happen. Unfortunately, I have seen many vacation caches where the local apparently was not taking care of it.

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Is it possible that these caches were placed before the 'no vacation cache' rule and were just grandfathered in?

That may explain why it's harder for you to get your's approved.



It looks like one was placed after, but the owner stated that he/she has a family on the island to assist with maintenance. The other was in 2003 which could have been before the rule. I don't remember when that took effect.

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