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Garmin Veterans Please Help

I am the Tony
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Ok, wise ones. I want to get either an eTrex legend or a eTrex Vista. Is the additional 16 MB of memory, electronic compass and altimeter worth the extra coin for the Vista? Or should I not worry about those features? I'm very new with the sport and I want to purchase a receiver today if possible but I don't know enough to determine if I should shell out the extra cash for the above mentioned features. Any ideas, feedback or insight is greatly appreciated.



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Let me start by saying that I don't own a Legend. I do own a 12, a couple of yellows, a Vista and a 60cs. In these days of falling prices, I suspect you can get a vista for just a few dollars more than the legend. The added memory is nice, and I really like the compass feature. So my vote is to go for the vista.

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The electronic compass is nice to have, but not essential. The altimeter is more of a curiosity thing. The additonal map memory is key. If you are planning on adding Mapsource maps, the 24 megs will come in very handy.


I startd with a Legend and upgraded to a Vista and was glad I did.

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I have a 76CS, before that I used a GPS V and a GPS III+. The electronic compass is seemless and you do not realize how cool it is until you go back to a unit that does not have one. Then you realize how much you really do use the compass. If you ever start loading maps the extra memory will be way handy.

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