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Emsbandit Cache


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I was through that area today and know exactly where the other cache is. If it was too close my GPS mut be way off. My original location was .15 miles from the closest cache.


I think Geocaching .com leaves a lot ot be desired. Since when did New Yorkers start letting others, who are very far away, set guidlines for them.


I now have 3 caches hidden and they are listed at navicache.com.



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If the OP has moved over to Navicache, he can publish the coordinates in the Navicache forums. The Groundspeak forums ought not be used as a vehicle for handing out the coordinates of caches that don't meet our listing guidelines. There is already a creative multicache in the park chosen by the OP and listing of the new cache was delayed on that basis.


I've edited out the coordinates in the original post, and I'm closing this topic.

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