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Yipeeeeeee My First Find My First Time Out.


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Since the hider said they wanted to see what happened with more valuable stuff, you would be doing them a favor by at least saying how many quarters there were. Looks like several others have commented on which states were or were not there, so I don't think there would be any harm in describing whatever you found. Might also be nice to take out all the other stuff and put it in another cache, since the hider said they only want coins in there.

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Seems to me that this is a question best put to the owner of the cache.  Who are we to second guess what he or she would want done with it.

We are the formidable Internet Forum Posters, who know all. We second guess everything and are not afraid to do so! :)

Add to this:


"I never let lack of accurate information stand in the way of having a strong opinion."

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Went out again today and found 2nd and my third one. I will never forget the third one. I did it the hard way. The pricker bushes did slow me down but I did win and found the cache. Live and learn. I am getting better at this tho. I think I even lost about a pound or two. :laughing: Well thanks again to all that have helped me with my questions I really do appreciate it!!!! Oh and I did log them already. Yipeee I am at 3

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