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Squealy Hits 900 And Jmbella Hits 800

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That many caches on Long Island.....sheesh. I lwas out there last weekend and managed to drive 110mph on the LIE service road. Didn't find any caches though (but those Maserati Spyders are awfully quick!). You gotta love L.I.!


You guys musta hiked like a thousand feet vertical total finding all those caches :ph34r:


Seriously - congrats!

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Which were your milestone caches?

Wish You Were Here


I like this cache because it refers to, obviously, the Pink Floyd song. It's relevant because right up the road from this cache is the Vanderbilt Planetarium, which for as long as I can remember has done a lazar light show to The Wall. I've seen the show many, many times and it's never quite the same. Not that the show is ever different, it's just that, in most cases I was in various stages of drunkenness.

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