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**** Open Challenge For Groundspeak ****

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Here's a challenge for Geocache/Groundspeak.


Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that I am not a software programmer. In fact, I only learned how to program my microwave just last week after having it for 7 months. LOL.


Any way. Here is an idea/challenge for the fine folks at geocaching.com. the Groundspeake people. Why don't you/they create your own brand of topo software that is compatible with the magellan AND Garmin hand held GPSr? Maybe something simular to the Magellan Mapsend Topo 3D but with trails on it as well as the forest service fire roads . Maybe even tie it in with the caches somehow.

Something that would work with Magellan and Garmin products.

Certainly I can't be the only person here who thinks that's a great idea. Just think about the possibilities. If you could create such a product, not only would it sell here on the geocache web site but everywhere else as well. The Topo Software of all Topo Software campatible with most handheld GPSr.

What are your thought on this? Any comments anybody?


Wishfully thinking,



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Hmmm,, create TOPO software from scratch that will work on Magellan and Garmin brand GPSr's.. yeah that shouldn't take long :rolleyes:


Why would this be such a wonderful product? Perhaps it might attract interest of someone who happens to own both brand GPSr's, AND is in need of TOPO softare, AND wishes to share data between the 2 brands.. sounds like a small market segment to me..

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I am a programmer, and I can attest that this would be a major undertaking. Not to mention copyright and financial hurdles involved.

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Well, I can see the need. Sure, someone may want to buy a Maggie now, but isn't sure what brand they might want to upgrade to in a couple of years. If there was software that BOTH brands could read, I'd buy those maps.


The problem I see is compatability. It's very much like a Mac/PC kind of thing, only more incompatable. Whereas Mac computers can install a program called "Virtual PC" so as to install and use PC applications, there is nothing you can install into a Maggie to read Garmin data.


I'll leave this challenge to someone else. :rolleyes:

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I said I was wishfully thinking.

The Topo 3D is great but it would be even greater if it had major trails and fire roads. Don't really know about the garmin Topo software but I'm sure it must have a downfall somewhere. If it had the best of both brands topo software products wraped up into one software, why wouldn't that be attractive?

Will it ever happen? probably not. In fact, I'm most sure it won't. But, I think it's still a pretty good idea.


-Jeff :rolleyes:

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Lotsa' issues unfortunately.


First, you'd actually have to create two versions, a different one for each hardware.


Second, you wouldn't want to ship it with both versions, or folks would find a friend with the other manufacturers unit and split the cost--reducing sales.


Third, where would you get the map data? You've got to pay Navteq for it or hire people to create new...


Fourth, you'd have to pay both manufacturers for development tools.


So how do you recover all those costs?


Instead of shipping one box with the software for both units costing $200, I'd probably break them up into the two different versions for $100 each.


Oh wait, now we're not providing anything different than what's out there now...


What can we do to differentiate our product from there's? (Especially considering the manufacturer support and customer base they already have...)


As a user I can also point out that I have no use for Topo in my region and only have roads.


OTOH, if you have lots of seed money for the project and none of the above scares you, you can hire me to head this project (for about a year--oh wait, did I say that out loud?)!





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Heck, I'd just like to have an e-mail sent to me when a new cache is listed in my area. Topo software sounds complicated.

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Heck, I'd just like to have an e-mail sent to me when a new cache is listed in my area...

Aren't you am member of geocaching.com? If you are, and according to their policy statement


Why create a Geocaching account?

If you enter your zip code or country/state information, we can let you know when new caches are hidden in your area. In addition, we can keep you notified of changes to the geocaching sport and web site. Once you create an account, you'll also be able to log your find and share your experience with other geocachers.

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While this would be a huge undertaking, it might make a great user supported project. Creating the program itself is huge, but you would only need one version. Just have that version tied to one user. If they have a friend with a different GPS and want to share thats fine. I mean they would have to come to that persons house anytime they wanted to update the GPS, and I know I am not that friendly with very many people.


The really, really hard part is the data, and this is the user supported part of my idea. By default you know every Geocacher has a GPS, have then create and update a central topo database. Kinda like Wikipedia, only for topo data. That would end all the data issues, leaving only huge task of making the software.

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