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Scottsdale/phoenix Cache Recommendations?


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I will be in Scottsdale for a work-related meeting from April 27-April30. There will probably be a few hours on a few days when I can get some caching in. I will have a regular rental car. Our meeting is at the Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch, and although I've been there before, I think it very well might have been before geocaching was invented (I think 1999).


What I'm looking for is some recommendations of some good caches and/or trails which can be done in a relatively short amount of time - particularly where there is not an issue of running out of daylight on the trail.


Generally, I'm not adverse to hikes, but I'm used to New Orleans (flat as it comes, and generally we have swamp and urban caches). I'll have the camelbak and appropriate caching kit.


I've checked here in a few threads, the AZgeocaching web site, and terracaching to look for caches which are recommended or look interesting. I've been getting PQs for Scottsdale for a few weeks now to start to have info in GSAK to read and see which caches are currently popular. However, this doesn't always give a fair view of caches which are now relatively infrequently found, but were popular and well-received when first hidden.


Currently the caches I have on my hitlist in GSAK are:


GCGEEP - South Lake

GC4E67 - The Mummy's Treasure

GCHGVR - Mummy's Surprise

TCI7 - Papago Park Rock Formations

TCL9 - "A" Mountain (Summit)

TCLM - Lookout Mtn(Almost halfway)

TCIK - Cactuscones

TCIX - Bulldog Terra-tory


Some will be easy to hit on days where I don't have a lot of time, and others might be doable on a day where I see a few hours of clear time.


Any thoughts on these or other caches I should check out?


Thanks in advance,



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Good urban caches



My top 20 caches (all urban)



Please keep in mind that time of year, we may have temperatures of 100°. Make sure you have plenty of water. People die out here from heat exhaustion. Dehydration and overheating can be deadly. That whole "its a dry heat" doesnt mean much except that you may not realize you are in trouble. Watch out for snakes too.


That said, people hike safely at that time of year, and in summer too, as long as they are careful and take a lot of water.


I hope this helps.

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Excellent, I will look through these.


I will bring my camelbak and expect not to attempt any hikes more than a hour from the car.


Wife has already warned me that she's worried about me going caching alone!


I guess y'all have quite a few more poisonous snakes than we have here. I'll have to keep all that in mind.


Thanks a lot,



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Thanks to graldrich, we hit 12 geocaches (11 gc.com, 1 tc.com) on Thursday with graldrich as our guide with not a single no-find. Plus we went out again ourselves the next day to squeeze in another 4 (we did have to use a lifeline on Mummy's Surprise).

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