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Xx Users Watching This Cache


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I would like to have (or make, program...) a list of caches [say within a radius R around some point] sorted by the number of users watching.


The GPX-file of a pocket query doesn't seem to contain the number of users watching the cache [correct me if I am wrong].


Does someone know a solution ?

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I've given the subject some thought but, for the life of me, I can't figure out what purpose, short of just another useless sort project, a list of caches sorted by the number of people watching would serve.

I don't mean to pour cold water on your idea, I just don't see how developing a sort of this information would prove worth the time it takes to write the routines.

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Many users, including myself, have pretty much abandoned the watchlist as a means of keeping track of caches. I now use the new bookmark feature almost exclusively, saving the watchlist only for those caches which don't fit into any of my bookmark categories:


all time favorite caches

caches I'm planning to do

caches I've DNF'd and need to return to/monitor for finds



Thus, with the advent of bookmark lists, the number of people listed on the cache page as watching the cache is no longer an accurate representation of the total number of people who are *interested* in the cache, for whatever reason.

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