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Electric Mouse

Please Email Instead Of Pm!

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Hi all!


I am the volunteer reviewer for Nebraska and the Dakotas. I also moderate this forum.


Recently I became aware of the fact that I did not have things set properly to receive email notifications of private messages (PMs) sent through the forums. Because this forum rarely needs posts or moderation from me, I rarely sign in as Electric Mouse. That means that I wouldn't get PMs very fast. So please email me instead of sending a PM if you wish to contact me. You can reach me at electricmouse "symbol" geocachingadmin.com (replace the "symbol" with the @ symbol, I typed it that way to avoid spam bots that search the web for email addresses). You can also email me through my profile.


With that said, I have now changed my settings to get an email notification of PMs, which will solve the problem. But a direct email is better because it saves me the step of coming over here and logging in to read it. So I appreciate your help there! :blink:


Thanks, and I apologize that I didn't catch that sooner! :blink:

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