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The database has not been accessible all day, even with the back-door server.


On a related subject, during the period April 1-3, there is a planned outage on the main server. You will be able to get to the database via:




That does not solve today's problem, but keep that address handy for future work.


Best regards,


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Backdoor working now (1:45pm PST). Thanks for the backdoor, Paul! (I knocked)

Front Door not working at all. Strange.


Correction - Backdoor gets you the menu today, but when actually trying to use it - no go! Darn.


I guess we stressed it out with too many recovery (and not found) reports, and we broke it! Sorry, NGS!!!

[just kidding - I'm sure it's temporary, and it IS a holiday weekend!]

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We're so close to Monday morning, it would not be productive to sound the alarm. Either they know it is down (such as using the holiday weekend for performing maintenance/updates to the system), or they will find out when they get to the office.


I suspect that the only inconvenience is to folks like us who go searching on weekends. :blink:



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FYI, NGS had posted on their web site that they planned on being off line this weekend, the first weekend in April, and this may already be the case. They have things they are doing to their system and will be back after the weekend.


So try and enjoy the outage as best you can.



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No worries everyone! Just because the NGS websites are not working this weekend, and that they seem to be off line from time to time, it really is not a Big deal, and there is nothing we can do about it. Most IT departments are aware when things are not working. In this case we were given notice, and it really isn't a big deal, Just enjoy the weekend and Have Fun Anyway!


Go Outside, Buy a new piece of benchmark equipment, Download a datasheet from the Geocaching Site instead, Make a more comfortable handle for your benchmark probe, re-calibrate your Compass, Get a massage... Plant Tomatoes or Clean up the car! You Know! BBQ, Even if it is raining!


That Ol' website will be along soon enough!



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