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A Halloween Event!


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For those of you who are thinking about staying overnight in Port Orchard on the night of the Halloween party there are a few of choices for hotels.


Comfort Inn (Just changed from a Holiday Inn Express )

1121 Bay St, Port Orchard, WA

(360) 895-2666

Is very nice.


Vista Motel

1090 Bethel Ave, Port Orchard, WA

(360) 876-8046

Is next door to a Pancake House and the Hi Joy Bowl (great breakfasts) but I don't recommend it. It's a cheap sleep but it's a little, oh lets say, old.


Days Inn

220 Bravo Ter, Port Orchard, WA

(360) 895-7818

Which is right next to Hwy 16

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Lucky the Leprachuan?

Oh, my! Does that give me ideas...

That is so wrong on SSSSSSSSooooooooooooo many levels... :unsure:

There was one year I did dress as a balding flasher, using a flesh colored crutch cushion appropriately poking out. My girlfriend (now wife) dressed as the innocent little girl in Dr Denton PJ's with pony tails, a teddy bear and a lollipop.


When adults knocked at the door I would flash and lear at them and ask in a creepy voice if they would like some candy. My sister was at the door and she responded back with a "Mmmmmmmmmmmm yessss!" I laughed my butt off. It was perfectly wrong on so many levels and yet so right on Halloween. That was 1987 in South Seattle and one of 3 (let's say) light skinned boys in the neighborhood.

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Okay, the night cache is going to be up and running for the Halloween Event.


It's an easy walk. Just a short distance into the woods. Only a little bit of a slope down into the woods, there doesn't seem to be any wet areas but if there are a few days of rain you might want to bring shoes that can get muddy. No serious bushwhacking. There isn't an established trail but there are no tall bushes to have to push through. There are some knee tall vines and although we'll do our best to clear most of them out you might want to bring pants for little princesses and other bare legs.


Remember, because this is a cache that is only going to last one night it won't count as a regular smile face on your count. However, we do have the blessing by approvers that it is perfectly okay to double log the event to get that count up! ONLY THOSE WHO HUNT THE CACHE AND SIGN ITS LOG CAN DOUBLE LOG!


See you all there!


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Can anyone send their private jet to shuttle me there and back from Texas?  :(

I wanna catch a ride with Semper Questio please! :(


I'm missen out on all the fun. :D



If it makes you feel any better, we promise not to have as much fun as we would if you were here.

You can only have as much fun as was had at the luau. That way I won't feel like I've missed as much! :(

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So what is the dealio with the food? What are we suppose to bring?

We'll provide some food but it's a pot-luck type thing. If you can bring something that would be great but if you can't then don't worry about it.


We'll have a crockpot of chili, some hot dogs for kids, chips & salsa, deviled eggs (if I can get them whipped out in time), BBQed Little Smokies, cakes, cookies and punch.


If you want something other than punch then you need to bring your own beverage. We will have access to a fridge so we can keep it cold. We have outlets for crock pots if you bring a hot dish and we have a stove if something need reheating.

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Wow, what a great day and what a great party! A lot of people arrived in stunning costumes. Just about everyone brought food and a few brought special coolers full of icy cold bottles of adult beverages...you know who you are what a blessing you were! All of you helped make the whole day an success so thank you for making the effort to come from far and wide. Special thanks to everyone who helped us and who are becoming our unofficial official event staff.


We aren't sure how many actually showed up but we are estimating about 80.


LandRover won the best costume for the adults.


I'm sorry but I can't remember who won best costume for the kids, but if you look at the event cache and check out the photo page..it's the kid in the outhouse. What an outstanding costume. Anyone know who that was as well as who won 2nd and 3rd place please contact me and let me know their names.


-Hawk- won the walking stick carved by SquareHead.


Thanks again to everyone who came and enjoyed our event. Next year the main host for Vampires, Mummies & the GeoGhost will be MicroBusGeeks and it's looking like it will be in Tacoma. Shop99er will act as supporting host for next year.


So, if we don't see you next Halloween we hope we see you at Spring Fling 2006 (which will also be held at the Waterman Club) April 22nd. If we don't see you there we sure hope we see you at the GeoLuau 3 on the 12th of August!


Shop99er & the Mrs.

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