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Bruce Almighty (burlington) Series

Algonquin Bound

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This is just a note for anyone who may be in the midst of doing or planing to do this series. Due to logging activity, the 4th cache in the series has been moved and renamed, from Leaning "Tower", to Underpin(n)ed. Math and clues have been updated and any other cache that mentions this one has been updated accordingly. If you are in the midst of this series, please be sure to download the latest GPX file, to ensure accurate information.


Cache 2 is still off-line, until I can locate and repair it.

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I hope all will be well by the Victoria Day weekend.


That is my new target to tackle this alleged 'bad-boy' of a series.


Any takers?


:) The Blue Quasar

B-Q if there happens to still be any ice on ponds or streams you can send fizbot ahead to test the ice thickness. :) You have to read a recent find log of his. I still have visions of me doing the same thing.

Sorry fizbot I couldn't resist the opportunity of sharing the chilling story of your ice-capades. :o


Cheers, Olar

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I have had an Email from Dr. Clean about this thread to see if it is a plan.


So here goes....


From what was last going on, Fizbot and I (who have never met) are planning on tackling Algonquin Bound's entire Bruce Almighty Series on the May long weekend.


Now, it just so happens that my son, Tae Kwon Dude is hosting an Event on the Saturday of the long weekend.


So here is my thought, and hopefully Fizbot can agree to this.


Sunday morning we meet and start with the first cache and get through as much as we can. If we need to come back Monday, then we can.


Annie seems to feel that we cannot do it in just one day.


That's incentive to me.


Anyone that wants to join in is welcome.


I guess everything should be posted here as we figure things out.


So here is my suggestion.....


We all meet at 8am on Sunday May 22nd at the parking for the first cache in the series. Anyone that is coming should bring a bag lunch and everything they will need for a grueling day on the Bruce Trail.


:lol: The Blue Quasar

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Haven't been in the forums for some time, so I had entirely forgotten about this thread. :) Rest assured that all caches are up and running. I may even try to "drop in" to see how things are progressing. Good luck! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Personally, other than the obvious things like wearing good footwear and so on, I would just suggest that anyone going should make sure this is not your first cache outing of the season. A little prep hiking, to get the muscles back in shape, might be in order. And... DON"T FORGET your completed puzzle!

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A quick reminder about the Bruce Almighty - Series Sweep.


Please be at the parking for #1 by 8am


Bring a packed lunch, we won't see a Tim's on our trip


Bring lots of water for this almost 20km hike


Bring a hat, extra socks and sunglasses


I have 4 more print-outs of the entire series for handout


Bring an FRS if you have one, and some loonies or twoonies for parking at Mt. Nebo.


There are at least 4 other caches on the way to find, and 2 that require keys (I don't have a key for either), so check and see if you have the info to find these caches too. I've done a few so I won't have that info.


See you in the morning, everyone is welcome to join the 'at least 6 or 7 'of us.




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Congratulations to you all! As far as I remember, the only other person to have completed the series in one day was Nozzletime. :) Well done. Great comments from everyone and great pics from Fizbot. I don't know who made the decision to go "off-trail" for the return trip from #3, but I'm glad it wasn't me. Personally, as long as it is, I wouldn't miss that walk back for anything. I'm sure there were a lot of rubber legs the next day. I know everyone warmed up with the Niagara Gorge caches and I know that Fizbot and jtee went down and up another gorge, since I was with them. Rest up, folks! Follow-up coming soon. :unsure:

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As far as I remember, the only other person to have completed the series in one day was Nozzletime.


Ah, but how many people have voluntarily done the whole thing TWICE. Wrap me up in a straight jacket and sign me away for a while. Just give me a certificate! :unsure:


Great series and worth doing twice... (although my muscles sure didn't agree with me!)

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As far as I remember, the only other person to have completed the series in one day was Nozzletime.


Rest up, folks! Follow-up coming soon.

Actually, it appears that the intrepid group was the first to complete this series in a single day - Congrats on your achievement! I found that even spreading it out over 2 days was somewhat tiring, but so worth it!


Follow up? I can't wait!!! :unsure:

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The night stalkers have struck again. Jiminie Crickets, Chris-Mouse, Northern Penguin, and I decide to try Bruce in a night. Didn’t quite make all the stops in the dark, but did manage 9 out of 11 stages in the cover of darkness. For those squeamish of walking Mt. Nemo at night, the sun rise from up there was amazing and well worth it.


- 7 caches

- 11 stages

- 22 km driven

- 25 km walked

- less than 10 hours total time

- 9 of 11 stages completed in the dark

- help from cachers who have completed the series before, none


There are some things money can’t buy. Everything else isn’t worth it.

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You know, I'm really beginning to love this night caching. The bugs tend to leave you alone, there are no muggles to worry about, and the nighttime views from the escarpment are beautiful. Much better than looking at the smog in the daytime. The only drawback is that it's really, really hard to get good photos at night.


Algonquin Bound, I'm really looking forward to the followup fro this set. I smell another night caching event coming on. :anicute:


Keepers of the Order of the BFL

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Now that IS amazing!


As one of the members that did the series in one, and suffice it to say, slept very well that night I am amazed at the fact that another group was able to it over night.


My hat is off to you guys! That is some feat. And to be able to witness day break at a location as gorgeous as Mt. Nemo must have been breath taking.


My biggest respect to "The Keepers of the Order of the BFL", that is a story of legends!


:) The Blue Quasar

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:unsure::D Alas Alas I should make my comments as well. There is nothing that can be said for the breath taking view one gets at that time of the morning. A large thanks for the time shared by all Keepers of the Order of the BFL for a great night.


:D:D Keepers of the Order of the BFL :D:D



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