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Putting Bearing And Distance Into Gps??

monroe gang

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It is called projecting a waypoint. The first problem is going to be your gps probable only lets you put in the distnace as decmiles of a mile. So convert 515 feet to a mile. What I would suggest is uing a compas to get the bearing and then just pacing it off, or us a really long string LOL. But look for how to project a waypoint on you GPS. What GPS do you have always state that.


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With my Garmin GPS76, either the waypoint projection feature or the Measure Distance function on the map page can be used for bearing and distance problems. When I need better than .01 mile precision, I set the Units to metric and use the measure distance function, which measures distances less than 1000 meters in 0.1 meters. I use a conversion program on my PDA to do the necessary math.

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