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Macs, Route 66 And Garmin Usb

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This is for Mac guys!


Alas, even after reading details I purchased Route 66 to use with my Garmin Map 76 only to find out that Gamin USB is not compatible with the program.


Any Mac people out there using a mapping program with Garmin USB? Oh, did I say Mac responses only!


And please, no Virtual PC suggestions!


Oh yeah, Mac responses only....I think I said that already.

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I have a GPSMAP 76 cs and use my iMac flatscreen G4 to generate waypoints from National Geographic's Topo State series. Unfortunately, Garmin supports PCs only. I bought a Gilsson USB to serial adapter and a garmin serial connector (round four-pin plug to a nine-pin serial connector). i connect them together and load the waypoints via my Mac's USB. I run OS 10.3.8 so I downloaded the latest drivers the web site to which Gilsson sent me. See my post about the USB drivers for Mac OS X on 3/18/05. They work flawlessly. B)

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Guys, it isn't just a Mac thing. I have a Garmin 76CS and its USB abilities are dreadful at best for some PCs, and wonderful for other PCs. I have a brand new Dell notebook D800, straight from Dell, new car smell, and it cannot see the Garmin even when within the map software.


For the most part, the guys here are exceedingly helpful and are hand-holding, but the USB solutions are iffy at best. Again, this is for the Windows machines.

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