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Old Pq Not Running, New Pq Ok


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I have a regular one which has been more than 24 hours since it generated. I created a new one to just run once, and it immediately ran. Some of my other daily PQs have run OK after the time I would have expected this other one to run.


Is there a backlog running old queries or is this one just fuxored?


Not a biggie, since I managed to get the new caches down which I was missing.

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It ran about an hour later than the one I manually triggered at about the time of my post, and about 8 hours after it was eligible to be run if I recall the last run date correctly. It looks like I guess it really takes more than 8 hours to get through the queue of eligible old queries on some busier days (Wednesday?).

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I hear ya! Every time I think I have a handle on when my PQ's will run, someone throws a monkey wrench in the system. I have actually had times where I recieved 7 PQ's in one day, and a daily PQ ran 4 hours prior to when it was supposed to! (20 hrs in between).

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