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Bugged About An Event

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I've never been to an event, but I know it's common practice for cachers to take bugs and put them all on a table so anyone wanting to can kick the tires, feel the upholstery, and then write down the license number for their records. But what happens to the bugs when the event is over?


This event is why I'm asking. Two months old, still active, and eight bugs still logged in. I was just contacted by one of the bug owners, one of many gnomes that started their race at this cache. I'm guessing he's contacting anyone who logged the cache. But, unfortunately, I was not at the event so I couldn't help. So, back to my question....what happens to the bugs? Are they just grabbed at will? Does someone pass them out? And how can some take a wrong turn by the signpost up ahead and end up in the Twilight Zone? :D

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Unfortunately bugs get picked up by new cachers and never logged. This may be somewhat more of a problem at events than elsewhere. The last several events I've been to have had a TB sign in, sign out sheet - which has worked great. When new cachers sign the bug out, but don't log on GC.com the event organizer has been able to contact them and explain bug logging. It requires a volunteer to work the bug table if the event is large. After our last event we were able to archive the event within 2 weeks all the bugs having been logged out by then.

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I like the idea of a sign-out sheet for bugs... but that smacks of a little too much automation for what should be a social event.


At every event I've yet attended, anyone who has a bug makes a general announcement to the rest of the group that he or she has a bug, and indicates what the goal is. If someone is interested in picking up the bug, then that person takes the bug at that time, or maybe later.


I don't really like the idea of dropping my bug in some anonymous box at an event. So far, I've personally handed (or been handed) every bug I've exchanged at an event.



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I have been to four different events where TBs were left on the table. It was fun seeing all the differrent bugs, and reading the their missions. The second to last event featured in excess of 150+ bugs. The problem was the majority of TBs were traded "amongst friends" and were never seen by anyone else. There were at least 10 Jeep TBs, and I never saw one of them.


The TB log is the best idea I have seen to date.

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Hopefully the missing bugs were moved by new cachers and never logged, in which case thay will pop up sometime.


at my Event in Albuquerque I stopped at Kinkos on the way to make sure I had a bug printout for each bug that was listed in the cache, and spread them all out on a couple of tables, for the actual bugs to be matched up with each.


I'm not sure if this was much of the cause, but not one bug went missing at that Event. One did lose his tag, but that's because he was damaged, and the owned sent me the new tag. Of course a bag of digitalfish did get lost, but thats another story.

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I might add that the last event I personally I hosted, I specifically requested that bugs NOT be logged into the event. I referenced plenty of bug sized caches in the vicinity and direct trading with new caching friends. That works too, but apparently wasn't real popular. So I'll go with the sign in, sign out sheet in the future.

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I've never seen this practice but I've seen it mentioned here before. The thought of a big box full of bugs that are there just to pad your numbers is pretty boring to me. I know there are some people who just quiver at the notion, but it's beyond my comprehension. I enjoy getting to the top of a mountain and enjoying the view and if there happens to be an ammo box there, I'm happy to find it. Not everyone has the ability to do that, so I wish them the best in their quest for TBs.


At the Oklahoma events, bugs are traded on an ad hoc basis, usually among friends and people who happen to be traveling in a particular direction. I've been idle lately dealing with family medical problems that I can't deal with the responsibility of holding onto them.

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At most of our WNAG (Wyoming-Nebraska area Geocachers) we lay out the TBs for everybody to read the goals and objectives so that hopefully somebody can help them along. I only know of 1 or 2 people that wrote down all the numbers just to pad things. Mostly they just get picked up by folks that can help them along. If there are any left after the meeting I usually grab them and do my best to move them along quickly. It is true we usually have no more than 7 or 8 but we try to make sure we know who took what so that they are logged out of the meeting.

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Because of this issue, we now do personal swaps at events now, instead of 'tossing the bugs in the group box' thing. It seems kind of elitist, but that's not why we do it. We are just worried about bugs going missing and it's easier to keep track of things if you do direct swaps with individuals.



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