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Chiseled Square


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Try BM CON (HV1851), located near the White House. It's rather eroded and hard to photograph, but quite visible. I modestly suggest my photo (Closeup of station BM CON, Washington, DC) as the best of the lot, but I should have included some sort of scale. As I recall, the chiseled square is about 2 inches on the side. Might be a bit smaller, though.



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Many of the chiseled squares were carved into the corners of concrete culverts, stone abutments, etc. and are easily eroded. They can be very difficult to discern. Or, they may be obvious in person but still difficult to photograph.


I have two examples on my own site:






The first is one of the more typical chiseled squares, at least based on my experiences here in NEPA. It's cut right into the corner of the stone.


The second is a more distinct square cut into the center of the spillway wall.



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I have found a few chiseled squares and triangles in my travels but I don't remember what the pids are for all of them. MZ0094 is one, MZ2784 is a drillhole w/triangle and my3693 has a rm with a square, hole and a arrow.Picture210.jpgPicture147.jpg

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This picture is rm 4 for mz1557 (Peaked Mt.2) which was a tough one to find. I have spent a lot of time trying to find mz1556 ( Peaked Mt.) a drillhole that is supposed to be ten ft from mz1557. I now have access to a more powerfull gps that may help me in finding this bm.Picture096.jpg

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