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Pocket Query Suggestion - Time Of Day


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You can control this yourself. For my most common queries I have 3 copies of each. I have no days selected on any of them. When I want one to be sent I go to the one that has not been run for the longest (often 3 weeks or more) and select the day. The results are usually sent within 5 minutes. I typically run my queries in the late afternoon or evening.

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I think with the timing being so unpredictable it's best to do as Bruce does and have multiple copies of the same query.


Get your regular query on a Thursday, and then manually trigger an old one just before you go out on Friday to be sure you haven't missed new caches the night before. You'll always have the Thursday data, and if the Friday one comes before you head out, that's even better.


Of course, if you are doing any query automation, you will have to know all the numbers for a particular query if you are doing anything based on file names. With the new GSAK 5.2 beta, I don't even have to do much work to modify automation scripts to bring in different query numbers - I have a one-click process in GSAK which downloads all the the mail from a special gmail mailbox for GPX files and imports them all.

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