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Another Geocaching Article

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OK - give me a hint (without reading ALL the articles) - which one talks about Geocaching?

That would be the one behind the small word "Geocaching", on the right.


It's a pretty good article. Nice to know that the Forest Service has a more enlightened view towards people actually (gasp!) visiting its land, than the Park Service does...

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I could really have lived without the quotes from Marcia Keener:

"Marcia Keener, a program analyst for the Park Service policy office, has seen it all: from online cache coordinates that lead hunters to injure themselves in concealed pitfalls and mineshafts, to cachers uncovering narcotics labs hidden deep in forests, to well-meaning “cache-in, trash-out” participants, who vow to clean litter from parks as they cache, accidentally removing historical artifacts from off-trail archaeological sites."


In four years of Geocaching I have seen posts from people who have stumbled across drug caches and labs, but infrequent at best. As for the other things mentioned I'd have to see how much actual documentation she has, as opposed to anectdotal.

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Good article, for the most part anyway. The comment about CITOing out the historical artifacts doesn't help spin things in a particularly good way, but they seem to have captured much of the essence of things otherwise, I thought.


Kinda funny to me that the cache they found had a diaper inside. Fortunately, as reported, the diaper contained no 'historical artifacts'.

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