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Gps Central Vs Gps City

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I ordered my eXplorist 600 and a car adapter on Dec 21 from GPSCity. The web site indicated that it was in stock at the time. I checked the status of my order a day or two later and it indicated it was on back order.


I emailed them to ask why and I got a reply that it was stuck in customs, but should be released on the following Monday or Tuesday. It eventually arrived at my door step on January 3rd.


I could be partially due to the Xmas season, but it did take about a week and a half to arrive, which was longer than the last time I ordered something from them.


It was a little annoying to have something that was "in stock" switch to back-order shortly after, but I wasn't in a big rush to get it, and I did save some money compared to GPSCentral's prices. GPSCentral also went on back-order at the same time, so it probably wouldn't have made much difference who I ordered from. :D


GPSCentral does mention they will price match authorized Canadian distributors -- does anyone know if that includes GPSCity?



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GPS Central is the best place to buy your GPS.

All that friendly stuff is great, service is excellent but that isn't the reason I would tell you to go to GPS Central, it is knowledge.

I listened to a tech in the store talking to an older gentleman and his wife in regards to a very nice GPS they owned. They were confused and were heading back to some remote location, the gentleman actually said that when they got home the only thing there would be ravens! I was amazed at the salemans questions and suggestions, he made sure these customers got exactly what they required, he gave them advice that was right on and specific to the computer they owned and the GPS they purchased. He demonstrated in depth knowledge of the items he was discussing and kept the conversation at the perfect pace for the customer, I was blown away. This is more than a store, it is a GPS treasure house.


Two thumbs up.

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I purchased my first GPS from GPSCity and bought software and accessories over the years. Initially they always seemed to have things in stock and I never had a single problem. However, my impression is that there has been a change over the last year. There seems to be a lot more 'out of stock' messages on their site now while GPS Central has the item in stock.


Besides, GPS Central seems to have a broader line of products in all areas. Now I'm more inclined to buy from GPS Central.



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Can't say enough about the service from GPS Central in Calgary. I had ordered and paid for some TB's from an Ontario supplier in Barrie, back on Dec. 17th. 2005, and started waiting. On January 6th, 2006 I phoned to inquire and was told they were still back-ordered. On January 13th, still back-ordered; so, I then placed an internet order with GPS Central for TB's and some extras. I received their internet confirmation of my order within minutes, and the relevant Canada Post parcel confirmation within two hours. The order was actually 'confrimed' before I placed it, if you consider the time zone change.

Canada Post delivered my GPS Central order to my rural mail address in Central Ontario on January 18th (4 working days from Calgary!). That same afternoon, I received a phone call from the Barrie supplier indicating I should receive their TB's by the end of January. Sure! after 36 days. I'm still waiting for theirs. GPS Central (and Canada Post) get my kudos.

PS - Shipping and Handling from Calagary $8.00 (- from Barrie $10.00 - go figgur ?).

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