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What Online Gps Dealers Have Good/fast Service?

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Amazon.com - Especialy if you are considering a garmin 76cs (I havent priced many of the other units there). The price they charge for it is 399.99, then there is $50.00 rebate, then (if you choose) another $30.00 instant rebate for signing up for an amazon credit card. This brings the total price down to $319.99.


Oh did I mention that Shipping / Handling is FREE on this unit. Or, if you want UPS second day air (if youre like me and cant wait an extra few days) it is only about $14.00.


I ordered my unit on saturday (the 19th) and had my ups second day air tracking number on monday!!! (Not even a full business day later). I'm just waiting for the knock on the door now!


EDIT: Oh - i forgot if you happen to be in amazon's preferred club (I don't remember the name) then second day air is FREE on everything you buy! I think I am gonna join.

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I have always had great service from gpscity.com.  They are always my first choice.

Looks like gpscity.com is the only one that has priority mail shipping as a option.

I like that. :rolleyes:


Seems like you pay to much for UPS shipping and it takes a week or you pay twice as much as priority mail for 2day ups and it's not any faster then priority mail.


I also like priority because if I have to sign for it and I do not catch the mailman at home on my noon hour I walk right past the post office on my way back to work. :P


Anyway thanks for all the links.


I also see gpscity has a gps forum?, cool. :)

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Put me down as a satisfied Offroute.com buyer.

3 Magellan Meridian Gold + accessories (inc. Mapsend Europe @$99) collected from store by Fedex on Monday arrived at my address in the UK at 10 am on the Wednesday. I even had Fedex confirming the whereabouts of the package at every transition stage. Brilliant.

The communication from the store was also top line. 5* service all the way.

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