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Carrying GPS


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I’ve got an Etrex Vista. Besides using it to look for geocaches I like to have it when I take walks in the woods so I can see my track, find out how far I’ve walked, etc… But I don’t want to hold it in front of me the whole time. I’ve tried putting it in my pocket, or carrying case, or wearing it around my neck, but it tends to loose the satellite signals. I’ve thought of velcroing it onto the top of the baseball cap I wear but thought that would pretty much peg the Geek-O-Meter. Any good suggestions?

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That's one of the few bad points of the eTrex line. I've noticed that my Vista works fairly well in the mesh side pocket of my daypack, as long as it's facing outward and up. Not as well as holding it out in front of you, but it does keep a lock most of the time. What I'd like to get is a holder that I can clip securely to the shoulder strap of my pack.


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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

That's one of the few bad points of the eTrex line. I've noticed that my works fairly well in the mesh side pocket of my daypack, as long as it's facing outward and up. Not as well as holding it out in front of you, but it does keep a lock most of the time. What I'd like to get is a holder that I can clip securely to the shoulder strap of my pack.


Brian: This is probably what you want:




I saw it in-store and the clip at the back looks pretty secure.


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Since I have switched from Magellan 315 to Geko 201, I am thinking about getting a solid case for Geko... now I really appreciate that Mag315 protection against accidental power-on (you have to press Enter after pressing pressing Power). It is quite frustrating to get GPSr out of the backpack and find that the batteries are low and there are 20 new waypoints marked :-|


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Originally posted by ChiefPig:

PDOP: very interesting stuff. Did you find it locally in Alberta?


No, only at the site listed. I did e-mail GPSCentral suggesting that it's something that they might like to carry. They did think it was interesting but nothing happened. I would think that there's quite a market out there with all the various Etrex models and others in use.


Our dollar is not doing to bad right now so even shopping cross border might not be too bad.


PDOP's GPS Pages

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I have a nite eyes generic one that works great. I cut off the flap so the top of the gps is exposed. There are 2 thin elastic loops and it fits snug. I put in on my shoulder strap, the loop on the case unbuckles and is firm so it is easy to put on and stays stable. It seems to keep the statelite very well.

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Originally posted by The Frantic Cachers:

check here......http://www.tnrdgrnr.com/maxpedition/products.htm



Geocaching Home Groundspeak Forums GPS Garage Sale Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you MAXPEDITION


TNRonin has a thread in the garage sale area. I have ordered a CP-L for that very purpose.

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Item D is where my E-Trex rides.


This is a pager pouch made by RAINE INC.




It cost under $4 in the Ft. Bliss PX. Dunno what it costs outside, but can't be much more. It is FULLY adjustable with velcro flaps, and has a velcro cover flap too.


Once I got mine fitted to the E-Trex, I took a chunk of sticky-back felt pad, and put it inside to protect the E-Trex screen. If I could change one thing, it would only be the color. Black in the hot desert sun is not a good choice. Otherwise, it is perfect. The E-trex rides high on my shoulder strap, always has a good view of the sky, and is easily accessable with either hand.


Hope this helps.


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Most people might not want to modify their GPSr case this much, but I bought a little clip post cell phone hanger with a self adhesive pad to put on the back of my eTrex. The pad wouldn't hold on the rubber on the battery door, so I used some epoxy to permanently attach it (neatly).


With that single post on the back of my GPSr, I now have:


A car mount via a dashboard holder


A belt clip


A bicycle mount (I mounted a locking belt clip holder to my handlebar with a pipe clamp)


An adjustable backpack shoulder strap clip (attached a belt clip to the shoulder strap using a Velcro cable tie)


A walking staff holder (epoxyed a dashboard clip to the top of my walking stick)


I prefered the glued on post to the carrying case alternatives because it doesn't interfere with the screen or any of the buttons and it gave me a lot of flexibility in mounting it.



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I use this case with my Merigold:ACP11. It holds it pretty snug and has 2 pen/flashlight spots on either side of mesh pocket on the front. I carry a notebook to keep track of stuff in mesh pocket. Did put another strap on it as the one that comes with it is small and digs into neck after a while and was a little short.


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Until I got a handlebar mount for my eTrex, I always used to carry it in my bike jersey back pocket, and received signal about 99.5% of the time, even through the jersey fabric. I suppose it helps that my big, fat ugly head is leaning forward out of the way while I'm biking.


I think the Camelbak solutions are good ones as well. Pretty much anything that minimizes your body blocking the signal, especially your head.

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icon_biggrin.gif LOL about your pegging the Geek-O-Meter if you wear your GPSR on top of your ball cap!!


I second Cruzin's recommendation about using the standard Garmin carrying case. It's cheap and easy to do, and I've had very satisfactory results. I simply clip my eTrex (in its protective case) to the top of one of my backpack shoulder straps. It is positioned properly (pointed upward) to receive satellite signal and I can easily glance down to read it. When I need to remove my backpack, I unclip the GPSR and let it temporarily hang from the neck strap.

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Originally posted by smenzel:

How well do the belt holsters work with the eTrex units? I notice that most/all of them have a securing strap which covers the top of them.

Works great. I don't have any trouble at all with the strap blocking the signal. The only complaint I have is that the window gets dirty and needs cleaning occasionally.

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Just bought an eTrex Legend and picked up a Garmin case at Cabela's on the way home from vacation. Found the case in their discount cave for $8.29. So far works great and seems to acquire signal with no problem. Has lanyard hole, belt clip, and clip ring. Check it at Cabela's for one place.



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