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Hiya Folks!

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I wanted to see if I would like geocaching before getting into yet another message board. After finding number 100 today I would say that yeah, I'm a geocacher.

I live in Rockaway Township which is home to a great assortment of cool caches spread out over our 48 square miles. Too bad we can't traipse around the Arsennal too. We'd have a whole lot more caches out in those hill.

I found my first cache back last summer. I had been thinking about buying a GPSr and had revisited this site and noticed a cache that had just been hidden at my favorite spot in town, Split Rock Reservoir, I salnd in the Sun. I was first to find it too and I didn't have a GPSr yet. I've met a couple of you folks out on the trail so far and hope to meet many more along the way. After many years and miles of hiking all across the country I pretty much turned to other pursuits over the years. I am really glad that I stumbled onto Geocaching which has taken me back to familiar spots and to many more new places.

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Welcome aboard. As we've met before on the trails, I glad to see you're "coming out" about this geocaching thing! :P


Join in as I'm sure you will find this a great community. I host events occasionally and I hope you get a chance to make one as you will meet a great group of people!


Hope to run into you again soon.


All the best!


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Congratulations on hitting 100. I live on Lake Hopatcong so I am one of your neighbors. Hope to meet you on the caching trail or at an event one day. This is a great, though highly addictive, activity that will lead you to some amazing places you probably would not visit otherwise. Welcome.

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