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Have You Ever Been Scared

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People contribute to the sport and this site in many different ways. Someone that hides a great cache is as important to this site as someone that buys a t-shirt or a premium membership. The community as a whole supports the site, not just the small percentage who pay for premium membership.


Groundspeak has promised since the very beginning the basic game will always be free. That will not change.

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Worried? Nope, it's right on the Premium Membership sign-up page.

Are you going to charge us to go Geocaching?

Never! The traditional Geocaching game will always be free. Subscriptions will be for new enhancements and new games added to Groundspeak. It takes development time and resources ($$) in order to make these ideas come to life. Not to mention the continuing hardware upgrades to keep the site responsive to your visits.

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have you ever been scared that they might start charging to use the geocaching site

nope, I gladly paid as soon as I got hooked on the hobby, life style or what ever it has become. Today is my one year date for geocaching. I found my first cache one year ago today and looking forward to another great year.

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The OP has been answered fairly well, but it got me to thinking. If Groundspeak came up with a "Benefactor" membership that cost more but with *NO* extra goodies, just to support the site, I would pay for it. I get so much for the little I pay now.

You can prolly do this now. I'd guess they probably wouldn't turn down donations.



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If Groundspeak came up with a "Benefactor" membership that cost more but with *NO* extra goodies, just to support the site, I would pay for it. I get so much for the little I pay now.

I never noticed that the 'donate' link wasn't there anymore. :)


RuffRidr is absolutely correct, I'm sure. Send them a check, it will find its way into their coffers and be magically turned into donuts.


While you're at it, send me a check. :D

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There is nothing free about geocaching. Not the severs, not the employee/s, not the bandwidth and so on. "Free" doesn't pay the bills. T-Shirts do, Premimum memberships do, ads do and so on. It doesn't matter how many caches we has hiders place, it may give back to the communtiy but it doesn't pay the bills.


If Geocaching.com ever didn't meet the whatever Groundspeaks goals for it are, or it's not sustainable, I expect them to pull the plug. If what you do gives you nothing in return, then there is no reason to do it. If you would do it out of the love of the game, and that is bleeding you dry, you are going to have to give it up or go bankrupt.


In the end, if all other methods they use didn't pay the bills and the choice was charge or pull the plug on the site I think it's an easy decision for them to make. It's not prudent to admit that, but I would not hold it against them because it's simple reality. What I would truly hate to lose is all the logs, and history that this site holds should this site ever decide to quit.

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GPS might be free (work, school, friend, gift) and is optional (topomaps, compass).


Computer/internet access is free at libraries, work and schools.


Ghostcachers don't even use that, as some get cache page printouts from friends.





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