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Be careful when you load it. You will also read that you have to reload the POI files. They are the Americas Marine and International Marine. If you reload the Marine, it wipes out all of your land maps. I'm not sure if you have to reload the Americas base map or not. but the marine basemap replaced my Americas basemap and all of my city select and topo maps. At least they didn't show in the Maps <menu><setup map><menu> selection. :P

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I don't know why you lost your maps. After reading your post, I double checked my 76CS, and all of my maps, waypoints, routes, everything is there following the upgrade.


I also did not see anything that said I had to reload my POI files.


Edit to add: If you reloaad the factory POIs you WILL wipe out the maps loaded from MapSource. Reloading the POIs is the same as sending new MapSource files to the GPS.



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Hmmm. Now that is really strange. The message I received when I downloaded the updater was that I would have to reload all my POI. Because of that, I downloaded an additional file that turned out to be the Americas Marine and International Marine. When I loaded the international marine, it took out all of my maps. I had to run the 3.70 updater again and then I had the Americas highways back. Very interesting. At least I got the Jumpmaster in setup (as though I'm going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane). B)

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