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Caching On Vacation

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As there's no easy way to find caches along a route, I have manually used the geocaching.com maps. Starting at one destination, I locate a cache near there and map it using geocaching.com maps. I zoom out on the map and follow the highay to my destination. It can take some time. I once pulled caches from Southern California to Northern Oregon in that fashion.

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If you have a mapping program you can determine the coordinates of any exit, then run a PQ to find the 5, 10, 50 whatever nearest caches to that exit. It would be a pain to do it for every exit, but it works for well selected exits in areas that you are likely to stop.


I've also done the same thing as GT Maggi and panned the GC.COM map along my intended route.

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I just did this for a trip up US441 from Orlando to Bryson City. I found seven cities between the two, got their ZIP codes from the USPS website, and generated pocket queries for them with restrictions to make them drive-and-grab friendly (no micros, found relatively recently, etc).


Once those GPX files arrived, I used GSAK to combine them into one, then transferred the mass result into MapSource (I have a Garmin GPSr).


I used select-and-delete in MapSource to remove the ones clearly too far from the route to be likely stops, then sent the remaining coords into the GPSr.


The combined GPX also went into CacheMate on my Palm for details once we got to a cache.


Setting up the laptop on a camp-table in the back seat of my Element, plugging in the Garmin to it using the USB cable and having the non-driver watch for caches etc as the mood struck made for a smooth journey!

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