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Very New In Need Of A Gps

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Hey everyone... Junior in Highschool... I'm one of the adventurous type. My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years and wanted to find a hobbie we wanted to do together. We tried rock climbing (too hard for me lol), biking we couldn't do I don't have a bike and really had no interest in riding for no purpose. Today on a forum I'm on (I make bath and body products from scratch to better benefit peoples skin no fillers everything I use has a purpose) I also make websites for a part time job. I'm homeschooled taking advanced classes through a college (Distant learning through Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas). Well anyways back to how I heard about geocaching. I was on a soaping forum I'm a part of and she mentioned how she just got a GPS for her birthday. Showing a picture of the area she would be traveling to next and after enough questioning she explained what geocaching was. I was sooo interested because all the things my boyfriend wanted to do are all mixed into this. It's a treasure hunt so it makes it fun but not only do you hike, ride bikes, camp, you also get to know many wonderful people in the process. I told him about it and he is siked... so ready to start doing this. I then realized what a GPS was and that it was needed. So now I'm a little bummed as I'm strapped for cash with tuition coming up. I saw that some of these babies can run you as high as $1000.00 that's way out of my budget so that's why I'm here in this area. I was wondering if anyone had a GPS just lying around and older model that they want to get rid of just never had the time to list it or anything like that. I would greatly appreciate it. I just hate having to spend that much on a hobbie all at once. Specially just starting out. Not that I wouldnt' do it if I had the money because I would just to give my boyfriend a what I hope will become a life long hobbie. It's just as strapped as I am I can't justify spending that much when I have other things to pay for at the moment. Any who if anyone can help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it. I'd be willing to pay for it or if you are interested in trading bath products or even a website I'm down with that to what ever works for you just let me know. HUGS



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Is that one that would work well enough for caching? I don't need anything fancy just thought like with digital camera's cheap ones are the ones that aren't worth buying. If someone could recommend one to me I could start saving up and searching for deals. I just have no idea where to even start never heard of a GPS until today

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In the case of GPS's, even the cheapest Garmins and Magellans are plenty adequate for geocaching. The only thing I would shy away from is one that can NOT be cabled to a computer for downloading waypoints.


Some of the other brands have received negative reviews in these forums, but as long as you stick with The Big Two, you should be fine.

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go with the yellow garmin etrex.....that is the GPS I used for like 3 years....and if you really want to, the yellow etrex will work with a computer too you will just need to buy a data cable for it. and they sell for really cheap too...I just got rid of one a few months back for 60$ canadian. that is really all you need...and if you get more into it, you could always upgrade later to bigger fancier models and keep the good ole yellow as a backup.

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