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Finding A Cache Prior To Approval


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We just had a few new caches pop up on our new in state caches page today. I had thought of going after one of them for the FTF, but I had a few things that I had to do first. Prior to setting out for this cache, I checked the site one more time and found that a local cacher had found the cache 3 days ago, the same day that the cache was placed. But 3 DAYS PRIOR to it being approved and listed on the web site. I was wondering how these people are doing this and what can be done to prevent it in the future, so as to give everyone a fair shot at when they "see" the cache on the site. I think everyone other than the approver and the hider should be able to see it at the same time, not have some people be able to see them first because they know a loophole in the system. Needless to say I was discouraged, and did not go after the cache today.

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The cache is still there, right?


Go get it. Discouraged? "prevent it in the future"? What do you mean?


Methinks you are too wound up.


There are numerous ways someone can log the cache three days prior to it being approved. None of them (that I know) involve a loophole.



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Sometimes this happens when someone finds the cache accidentally or as part of a trial run. At least in the case of trial runs, the "FTF" actually delays logging in order to give other people a chance to FTF, and then log with their correct date after the cache is approved.

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I group of locals went on a cache hunt via canoe last fall. The portage was also a prefect spot for a cache, so while everyone was resting and exploring, I hid my cache. Later that day on the way back downriver, I told them all the coords and they hunted and found it..


In this case, it was found by 3 cachers before it was even submitted, let alone approved.


Fair? I think so.

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There are some people in my area that go for "pre-finds" based on information that can be found through "loopholes" in the system. I don't see any problem with it. I've considered doing it myself. The way I see it, it's like a puzzle cache. If you can be the first to figure out a way to find the cache with information available, even if it is tricky to get the right information, then why not? It doesn't matter to me if someone finds a cache and claims FTF before it is approved on GC.com.


There are other web sites that list caches, right? What if a hider posts their cache on other sites besides GC.com? And what if the full information is available on another site before it is approved on GC.com? Couldn't a cacher find it based on info from another site, and then log the find on GC.com after it is approved? I don't see anything wrong with that.

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I have got to tell this story here. I constructed my first cache with a little twist. To find the final cache you had to find three travel bugs in the area that had part of the final coordinates. I place the cache and submit it for approval. Prior to approval I go out to place the TB's. Each one at least 10 miles from the other. After I get home I log the TB placement. Well, one of the local cachers goes out to check on one of his caches and finds one of the TB's. I have not even made it home yet. He goes to lunch and then to a new cache close to the restaurant and finds TB number 2. Both of these prior to me logging the location. He checks for the final TB and can't find it until later that afternoon and goes and gets it. Then he goes to the cache and gets a FTF. Cache not approved until the next day. Totally legitimate but sometimes people get lucky.

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I was wondering how these people are doing this and what can be done to prevent it in the future, so as to give everyone a fair shot at when they "see" the cache on the site.


Nothing can be done to prevent it, nor should there be. This is only a listing site - one of several. A cache owner has the right to give his cache coordinates to any person he chooses and use any method to make the coordinates public, including e-mailing friends, publishing them in a newsgroup or forum, listing them on another site or here, or all of the preceding if he desires.

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