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Going To Ithaca, Probably Auburn.

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suggestions? nothing too physically demanding; because 1)i am expecting to let my knees recover from yesterday, and 2) my travelling companion prefers it that way.


for this same #2 reason there should be nothing that will take more than a half hour generally to FIND once arriving at the location. assume that i am competent, mostly.


i have run a pq or two or three. yor suggestions will be appreciated.

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As you've likely discovered, MaMa Bear is the unchallenged queen of hides in that area. My family is from the Auburn area, so it was a lot of fun to go caching there when visiting relatives awhile back. MaMa Bear's caches were generally easy, but took me to cool places that I had never visited, even having spent lots of time in the area as a kid.


Some of the Auburn caches that stand out in my memory:


Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial is a nice micro in a block full of history.


And the Band Played On and Quarter Quest will give you a nice twofer in a well-manicured classical city park with a bandstand, duck pond, etc.


Outta This World! is a great stop if you like caches in historic cemeteries. Even my dad, who grew up in the area, wasn't aware of this cemetery. We spent lots of extra time checking out the old headstones; I had to tear him away from the place to move along to the other caches.


MaMa Bear or someone else will have also placed a cache in just about every rest stop along the NY Thruway.


Have a safe trip and happy caching,


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driving out saturday. attending concert saturday night; the ostensible purpose of the trip. okay, okay, i promised god i would go, but there was nothing in the promise that says i can't take a three-day weekend and go caching while i'm there. i plan to cache all day sunday and cache my way home on monday. if i had been thinking clearly i would have taken tuesday too.


and yes, i plan to hit some park 'n' dashes to soothe my smarting ego. last sunday i snowshoed two miles up a mountain in chest deep snow (breaking for the last .2) for an inglorious DNF.

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