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Wtb: Etrex Legend Or Venture

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I have an iQue 3600 but it's not ideal for caching. Seems like an etrex Venture or Legend would be better... they should be more accurate than the yellow etrex, since they both have WAAS.


Any opinions on which would be better? I can't figure out the relative merits of the "city database" or the "U.S. Highways database."


If you have one of these to sell at a reasonable price, please drop me an email!




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Legend has mapping, Venture does not. Depends if you want mapping or not. It is handy for city based caching. Since you have an Ique, you can use the City select maps in the Legend.


Comparison Here

The above poster is correct - The Etrex (yellow), Etrex Camoflauge, and eTrex Summit do NOT have WAAS, but the Garmin "GPS 60," which is also yellow, does have WAAS.


That link you provided really cleared up my confusion! Garmin's web site says the Venture has "a worldwide database of cities," which I took to mean street maps of those cities; but actually it's just the lat-long of each city.


The Legend, on the other hand, has a "built-in basemap of North & South America with cities, major roads, lakes, rivers, railways" and the ability to download 8MB of street maps.

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I believe the Venture can download points of interest to its 1MB memory. No maps. I have a Legend at work I really like it. You can fit some pretty detailed maps on it. For an extra 30-40 bucks more than the Venture Id say its worth it. My favorite color is green though I wish the Legend was Green and the Venture Blue but oh well... :blink:


Hope that helps...

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Saw your question about the legend and the venture. I have the legend, but I went to the Garmin site and read about the venture and it looks like the legend is a better unit. My wife did a lot or research before she gave me the legend as a supprise gift. Much more menory, more software that you can spend lots of money on. I just ordered a 60C and that company only wants $14 more for the legend over the venture. I will have my legend for sale next week. Email me and I will tell you the the name of the company where you can buy the new legend or if you want I will be glad to sell you my gps. johnandcarol@richmond.com


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I picked up the Legend recently and haven't had any issues with it. The only thing I noticed that was different from my Yellow Etrex was that it appeared to update my positioning a little slower than the Etrex. I did a comparison by walking with both units. It was only a 2 second difference but just found it strange.


I saw a few posts saying the Yellow Etrex does not have WAAS but I have it on mine (rev 3.00)



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I don't know much about the venture except that it only has 1 mb of storage capacity as far as downloading maps from the mapsource software. Where as the Legend has 8 mb of storage.


I used to own the Etrex Legend and I loved it, even better that the Vista. It is a very easy unit to use and has much more features than you would think. Go to the Garmin website and you can do a comparison search. Or in other words you can compare the Legend with all the other Etrex's out there and see which one is the best unit for you. :(

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:grin: We just got a free E-Trex yellow from some trial offer place, and it does have WAAS available, it is turned off by default but can be enabled in the system section of the setup. We also have a Legend and are very happy with both. The Legends base map is fairly detailed and OK for driving on major roadways without having to downlaod additional maps.


I too noticed the 2 or 3 second update difference between the Yellow and the Legend, but found out that is only present if WAAS is enabled on 1 and disable on the other, if WAAS is the same then there is no noticable update difference.


Hope this is helpful.



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Don't forget that if you have a laptop, the cable will let you connect your Legend to it and , with the mapping software, use the laptop as a large display driving GPS. Then you have the great detail of the larger map program without having to load your Legend with it. Use it for caching street navigation all the time.

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WAAS does make it more accurate yes when you are in a clear view of the signal.....but dont forget that the etrex serie has an internal antenae, and if you are in heavy bush or such you might loose signal....if you want to get a good signal mostly anywhere get a GPS with a quad helix antenae..

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WAAS does make it more accurate yes when you are in a clear view of the signal.....but dont forget that the etrex serie has an internal antenae, and if you are in heavy bush or such you might loose signal....if you want to get a good signal mostly anywhere get a GPS with a quad helix antenae..

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I also have a iQue 3600 and after a few wilderness cahceing trips figured I would get something a little more hiking friendly. Walking around with the antenna flipped out just seemed dangerous. I know you can get the armor pack and an external antenna but a Legend is cheaper than all that and I can grab and go. I got the legend (found it new on eBay for $120)

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I just got a Legend and love it so far...

Amazon.com had a deal (don't know if it's still available) for the Legend at $131 with free shipping AND an instand $30 credit if you get their Amazon.com Visa at the same time. I don't need another credit card, but for $30.00 off, I'm just going to pay it off when the first bill comes and then stash the card in the safe deposit box - no fee for the card.

Bottom line: eTrex Legend brand new with PC cable for $101 --- can't beat that!

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When I first considered this sport, I borrowed my Uncle's Yellow Garmin Etrex and was able to find 3 geocache's. It was nice and accurate. I wanted to get my own but I wanted a basemap and plenty of room for downloaded waypoints and more accurate maps. The legend was by far the best economical of anything I looked at. I have tinkered with it and I am convinced that I made the right choice. I found it on ebay and got a great deal on it. I guess it depends on your preference, but I don't think you will be dissapointed with the legend.

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