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Ammo Cans On Sale Tomorrow


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I was checking out the ammo boxes at the Princess Auto in Kitchener and they are in pretty rough shape compared to what I've seen hidden in the bush. I don't mind some rust and dirt, because I'd want to clean and repaint anyways, but the ones I checked were bent up and took a lot of effort to open and/or close. Still waiting for a good one...

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What ElectroQTed said. Princess Auto has these in their flyer once or twice every year. Both times I ventured down to their store to check them out the ammo cans were in such bad shape that I didn't bother to buy any. Most are dented, have broken seals, broken latches and/or rusty. You might get lucky if you get there early but go with relatively low expectations.

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I took a break from work down at the sportsman show today (ok honestly I didn't do an ounce of work) I checked out Angie's Outdoor and a few other places... Great to see someone in the sportsman show with geocaching gear.


Just FYI as well, Radioworld has some great specials on GPSrs... Might wanna check it out!


Lots of great stuff to see! If anyone sees camo duct tape in their travels at the show please let me know :D

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