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So Where Are The Explorists 500 And 600??


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There is a limit of 500 POIs per POI file, with as many of those files as you would like. However, of those 500 POIs, only 200 of them can have data in the comment fields. If you use DirectRoute and there are no comment fields available, your directions will not include street names.

So THAT's whay that was happening. I noticed the street names disappearing and couldn't for the life of me figure out why. Here I was rebooting my eXplorist in the field and reloading the maps, when it was my GSAK generated POI file. Thanks Embra!

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>> Explorist usb vs coax power pinouts <<


one clarification... the explorist's center pins are connected and common ground


I will add (from experience with the pocketpc's) that the mfg's achieve the limit within the device by designing the _usb_ connection within the device hardware to limit the amount of current consumed via the usb connection to meet their usb specifications.


Hence, aftermarket cable vendors (who do not have to meet the same limits since the cables do not have any electronics to have the need to register as a usb device) re-route the usb's 5v pin directly to the unrestricted charge power terminals. (Everyone should note that on some laptops, this will exceed the capacity of the port and the computer will simply shutdown the port and cut off the power, but should not damage the computer in such cases.)


In the case of the Explorist, I have verified that it goes into "charge mode" drawing power from usb with the connector reversed and since the gps has no way of knowing where the power is coming from, it will draw charge current from the usb connector as long as it is supplied.


Further, the computer does not "regulate" the amount of current fed through a usb port, but simply terminates it if it feels the spec has been exceeded... which might happen if the cable was rewired to retain a data connection, but can't if the explorist connector is reversed since the computer then has no access to the Explorist usb specs without the data connection.



Beverly Howard

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