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Making Life Easier For Newbies..

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OK, so my last posts concerns dragging the newbies kicking and screaming into here. Once we've got 'em, how do we keep 'em?


Forums can be intimidating places for those who have not used them before, both technically and phychologically. It's like walking into a local pub for the first time!


The pinned topics are a step in the right direction, but even then, the newbie info thread has grown to 71 replies, and the adopt-a-newbie thread is getting similar.


My idea is to condense these threads into something more managable, obviously crediting the contributors.


Now, here's the rub, sorry, I don't have time to do this myself, at least not at the moment.



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Rutson is right - some newcomers to the forum as well as the sport/game/obsession need to have their hands held. Not only do they need welcoming but also reminding that users of the forums need to remember their manners and respect others - I hope that does not sound too po-faced!

I think the way would be for a carefully worded introduction to be a new topic, pinned and then closed so that it did not get confused.

Sorry I too don't have the time at the moment and probably not the skill to get it right.

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I'm a newbie and I'm here :D Did my first cache yesterday and I was FTF- beginners luck I spose. Now I must really do that one half a mile away from my house....

Hey, welcome to the madhouse!


I'm curious, you're a new cacher, but have you used online forums before?


Nice to see you here, come back soon :)



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Thanks for the welcome Rutson


If you mean online forums for other topics well yes, But for Geocaching.....


Well I may as well explain how I got in to Geocaching while I'm at it. I was doing a Google search for trigpoints to find out info about the one at Farley Mount. Google came up with a link to trigpointing UK.


On the page for the theres a little map and there was Cyan coloured diamonds on there with writing above it, being curious I clicked on the diamond. It came up with cache details- at the time I thought 'what on earth is this' . It had a link to the GAGB website and through there I found Geocaching.com and most importantly, the FAQ explaining what Geocaching was.


I was intrigued so I registered both on the GAGB and for using the forums here. I did a fair bit of lurking and reading, learning what I can, I also wrote a few posts. I had been toying with the idea of buying a GPSr for while, stumbling on Geocaching made me decide to buy one sooner, rather than later.


I got a Etrex Legend from one of the online sites and the rest, as they say, is History!:D


Hope you havent fallen asleep reading that :)


Happy Caching,


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Hope you havent fallen asleep reading that :)



wha??? :D


Would I be right in guessing that, if you are interested in Farley Mount, that you may live in the Winchester area... or somewhere nearby?


If so, welcome to the large clan of Winchester Cachers!



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OK, I'm still intrigued, would htose cachers who had NEVER used another online forum before this one please step forward.


Also those internet veterens can you remember what grabbed your attention about your FIRST forum/newsgroup?


We need to reel 'em in!


To be honest, for myself, I'm struggling to remember;I made my first newsgroup post over 13 years ago, and I'm pretty techo-savvy.


What I'm interested in, is those cachers who are not so techo-savvy, how do we hook them into the forums?



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I reckon it was beginners luck- I was up fairly early on a day off(early for me!) and I saw the weekly notification of new caches. Saw one that was reasonably close to me(20 miles) so I thought I'd give it a go, I did expect it to be already bagged.


To answer Pauls question, I'm close to Winchester- I live in Eastleigh. I wont be doing too many caches in the next month or so- expecting a new arrival to my family.



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Like any forum, I imagine that there are a fair few lurkers who like to watch and read whats being posted but don't post for whatever reason. Theres the others who normally read and wait until something catches their attention before they post something.


I've been using the net for 10 years-ish and I cant remember what the first group/forum I posted to.


Perhaps we should do an 'introductions' or 'regional' threads for those who are new/havent posted etc to say a quick 'hi' and to chat with others in their area?. Has that been done before?( I havent bothered searching the archives)



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Well I may as well explain how I got in to Geocaching while I'm at it. I was doing a Google search for trigpoints to find out info about the one at Farley Mount. Google came up with a link to trigpointing UK.


Welcome :):D .


Be careful Thats how I started. (Looking for info on trigpoints). Now I work for the trigpoint site and have no time for anything but caches and trigpoints :D

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Just for Rutson's answer. When some years back when I was with Compuserve, they had forums. I joined a 'Writers group' We would post our 'work' for discusion, and discuss others stuff.

I have joined other groups, some I still visit from time to time. You don't want a list do you? Oh! if you insist.

Cycling, Electric bikes, Brompton users, Moulton owners, Paramotoring, Flight sims,

Digital photography, Amateur Radio, Writer workshops, Tiscali forums :D , Tom Tom Go groups, Taxi talk, Pocket PC, Bird watching at Naturelist sites (the one at St Oysth beach) :). Oh and this realy crazy site called Geocaching. :D

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I started on BB's about 5 years ago on a motorbiek bulletin board, still there for my sins :)


I lurked here for a while before taking the plunge into posting here, hasn't been too scary so far but have to remind myself i'm here and not the bike one where chaos rules :D

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