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Encouraging Forum Use


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Seems that there are a lot of new cachers out there. Seems almost every other log is a first find.


On the other hand, there doesn't seem to be a great influx of new forum users. Watching the bottom of the page, there are quite a few lurkers which is fine, but I think more forum participation would be a good thing.


So how could we promote forum use? I'm thinking about putting something on cache listings, especially the 'easier' ones.


Unfortunatly, it's not as straightforward as a single link to get to the UK forum, a new user would have to to go to:




and then on to:




Not the easiest process to explain, so maybe make it part of a beginers guide that could be linked to from cache listings.


OK enought rambling, what do you think?


[edit to correct some of my awful typing]

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I think all newbies will read everything they can on the subject of geocaching...but like me, with a few other forums to contribute too, its not always easy to find the time to join in with a thread! Found this forum enlightening, to say the least,lol!

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i personally read alot before i asked questions.........


what frightens me and probably alot of other folks is the technology


i asked a question yesterday about laptops in the field and cachemates ect..and i got a lot of what i presume is good advice albeit that i am techinically challenged


by that i mean i was told about blue tooth phones and pda s ect ect and i am afraid to go back and ask what these really are :


a) because i really dont know


:) because i dont want to look stupid


i hope you know where i am coming from


but on the other hand i have had really good helpful advice but i do feel sometimes you make people who really dont know or understand feel a little bit intimidated


please dont take this wrong


just my 2pence worth


us 4 and jess



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Us 4 and Jess- Look on the bright side- just by typing on this forum proves that you are more techno savvy than quite a few people. Dont be afraid to ask, things can stump the best of us. If sometimes you feel like throwing your computer out the window- don't worry you aint the only one :lol: (Now where did I put my hammer!!! Take this Bill gates :o)



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