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.gpx Problems ...


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We'd like to download our Pocket Query results as .gpx files. I check this option (.gpx) and make sure to .zip as recommended. No matter what I do the file goes to my Apple laptop as a .loc file (and we don't get the all important details of a cache page). Are we stuck with our clipboard forever?


I'm using CacheMate and MacCMconvert. Everything works OK so long as I check the .gpx option on individual cache pages of geocaching.com.


Has anyone else had this trouble? Is there a simple fix? :huh:

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No matter what I do the file goes to my Apple laptop as a .loc file

It sounds like you are attempting to download a GPX file. Except in the case of individual cache pages (as you noted) this cannot be done. Pocket Queries only arrive via email.


You must set up your pocket query with the criteria you want, then choose a day (or several days) for the GPX file to be emailed to you. Then you will get a GPX file (or rather a zip file with GPX in it) in your mailbox.


From there, you should be able to do something with Cachemate and MacCMconvert. (I don't know anything about those programs.)



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