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N52 47.394


Hi Jbirdwheels


That lat puts you somewhere north of Lacombe and south of Ponoka. I do not get into that area much but Edmonton area cachers can get there easily. The closest city of a decent size would probably be Red Deer.


I logged this cache in Louisiana with the help of a local geocacher that I contacted directly via the site.

I searched for caches using the co-ords and then looked for cachers who had visited caches near my co-ords.


Your lat is somewhere between

J.J. Collett




That might prompt some cachers in the area to offer help. You can check the logs for those and nearby caches to see who has visited recently.


Good Luck with this cache, persistence helps. :lol:


I had to edit this post several times to straighten out the A HREF vs format, see, persistence does pay off. It should work now.

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Those coordinates are close to my home town in Manitoba. The next time I get to Swan River, Manitoba I could help out. I will be there this weekend but no time to drive to the coordinates that would be about 50 miles north of Swan River. I have family there and should be there again pretty soon. If I can be of some help let me know, it may be a while before I get to help but that might change.

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Sorry jbird, no luck this past weekend, the weather didn't cooperate. I was pouring rain all day Saturday and we had to leave on Sunday to home. there will be another trip in July to this area and we will get to that location again for you.

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