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Can I expect this multifunctional tool to give me the best of the two worlds?


No, these simply are not built to take the abuse they will receive while geocaching. They aren't waterproof and aren't very rugged. Your GPS will be exposed to rain (and snow in some areas) and getting knocked around. The iQueue is a pretty expensive piece of equipment to risk.

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I'm looking at the Garmin ique m5 as an answer to my pda & gps needs.Can I expect this multifunctional tool to give me the best of the two worlds? Or is there anything out there that will let me go Geocaching and keep my schedule in one package?

What briansnat said . . . :(


I am very happy using my Palm M500 which is in a hard case. Although I paid a lot of money for it when I got it more than two years ago, you can get good ones on eBay now for less than $50.00. Then just buy Cachemate for $8.00 (that might be the best bargain I've every gotten for $8.00. :( )


Then buy a good, ruggedly-built GPSr of your choice.


I keep the Palm in one pocket of a fanny pack and my digital camera in the other and the GPSr on my wrist (or on the lanyard around my neck.) Until they have rugged GPSrs and digital cameras and Palmies all in one unit, this will work just great! ;)

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I'm pretty sure the first company that brings to market a truly rugged PDA-GPS combo that also is better on batteries than the iQue, will have a stampede on their hands :(


So far that combo has not been created yet...


As far as Lowrance products, I've got an iFinder Pro & really like it. IMO Lowrance makes some of the most cost effective GPSr's on the market.

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IMO = In My Opinion

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion (for the more modest lol)


Hasn't the iFinder Phd been out a while already?


I know the Lowrance iWay 100 is a model that just recently was released.. It's a "talking" autorouting version of an iFinder.

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I called Lowance today and they led me to believe it was soon to be released.Like any day now. :( If it is out there, no one seens to have one in stock. By the way,Thanks for the lesson IVxIV. I'm learning. Can anyone tell me of any reason I should stay away from Lowance?

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Can anyone tell me of any reason I should stay away from Lowance?


I've heard pretty good things about them, but Lowrance users are very much in the minority here. But don't go at it with tunnel vision. Check out Garmin and Magellan (by far the two most popular brands) and see what they have to offer. As long as you stay away from Cobra, you'll be fine.

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