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Rusty O Junk Hits 1k


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Rusty just hit 1000 today. At least, according to his stats page. His log meter still shows 999. Apparently it doesn't count the CITO or maybe the locationless he did.

Anyway, it's close enough for me. Congratulations Rusty! Now take a vacation, or something! ;)

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Alright Rusty!! Might have happened a little sooner with a "special stick". Just kidding. I've got your's all ready with your initials on it and everything. I numbered it 029& 1/2. Let me know if you are going to be in this area, or I would be glad to mail it to you . Just give me an address. We really loved the ongoing saga about stick 029 from "Hello Molley". Keep on caching, Lafrog

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I don't know what happened, the last thing I can remember is the UPS guy dropping off a package from Tiger GPS. The rest is a blur of missed appointments, long grass and the divorce. Ok, Ok, there wasn't any divorce, Mrs Rusty enjoys caching too. Truth is she's the driving force behind all my finds, she makes me do it even when I want to stay home and clean the gutters or do the laundry for her. So ya see, it's all her fault.


For those of you that don't know the "special stick" Lafrog refers to is a highly sought after custom made hiking stick made by none other than Lafrog. He makes some of the nicest hiking sticks you'll ever lay eyes on and if he likes a cache he will hide one of his sticks nearby as a signature item with instructions in the log how to find it. When I found he had left one at Hello Molly , about an hour and half from my house I set out on a quest for it but alas, I was to late. Although I missed the stick the young lady that did get it was nice enough to bring it on a hike and let me check it out. She kept a firm grip on it and wouldn't let me hold the hiking stick by myself. Very smart lady she turned out to be and someday I hope to have a Lafrog stick of my own.

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Rusty! My dear boy, you were at the Project APE the same time as all of us and you didn't say 'hi'!!! Saw your truck in the parking lot!!! :mad:

Mark, you should have said hi. B) Then explain geocaching, Rusty O Junk, Project Ape and the insanity that goes with it all to whom ever owns the truck. We had Mrs Rusty's car. I hate the thing but it was a matter of economics.


The real kicker is I knew you guys were planning that trip but didn't realize when. Had I known we would have made it a point to meet you guys in the parking lot. As it was I ended up chasing Squealy's party all over the place.

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