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Searching For Caches


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It's been awhile. Download a trial version and figure it out. It's not hard. I did it on the first try.

Holy cow! You must be incredibly computer savvy.


I don't mean to sound like a smart aleck, but finding caches along a route using GSAK is far from intuitive. There have been many multi-page discussions (I started one) and several tutorials posted (Markwell and PDOPs, for example) in order to explain the steps necessary to find caches along a route.


Are you sure you have the terminology right?


Finding caches along a route using GSAK requires that you get "the route" from somewhere else in order to export it to GSAK. Getting the route and converting it to a format readable by GSAK is often the tricky part.


Then you also have to put this route into GSAK, which I don't think is immediately intuitive, although once you know how the process is done, it's fairly simple.


TerraTreckers, is there some method we're missing?



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The alternative is far less automated. Locate points along the route manually and download pocket queries for each. This is intuitive but not automated. It takes far less computer savvy but is a lot of work. Because of the fact that this process has not been simply automated yet, it takes significant computer knowledge to cut and paste information across applications to accomplish the desired task. This is why it is essential that our children be educated and computer savvy today. That gives them a real leg up in tomorrows world.


Marietta Moose

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;) Without complete detail, the method I use is as follows.

Assumptions: 1)You are using a Delorme product (I use TOPO USA V5.0). 2)You have a registered copy of GSAK. 3) You have a PQ(s) loaded in GSAK that covers the route your interested in.


1. Define the route in the Delorme product, and save the route.

2. Identify the route file location (these files are saved in a single folder) C:\DeLorme Docs\Navigation is where the files are stored in my computer and I used default settings for the file structure. Route files have a .anr extension

3. Open GSAK and insure that the PQs are loaded which cover the route

4. In GSAK <search><Filter> [Arc Poly] [Load From File] When the pop up window is displayed use the normal windows method to identify the file. Upon selecting the file, the route coordinates will be applied to the search window in GSAK.

5. Fill in how far from route you want to search.

6. <Go>


The result will be a filter of only those caches, which are less than your specified distance from the route.

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